Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Stress Can Put You in the Hospital

I have officially discovered that stress can get you a fast pass to the emergency room. Last friday I went COMPLETELY numb from head-to-toe, and couldn't breath. I naturally thought I was having a heart attack or something (even though at 25, I'm way too young for a heart attack!). My hands crumpled-up, and I was nearly immobile for about a half-hour. After they got me on oxygen at the emergency room, I was informed that I had an Anxiety Attack that led to literal hyperventilation. I realize now that when people say, "don't hyperventilate on me" it can be very literal.

They then gave me so little tan tablet (pill) and I floated on air for a few hours, but felt no stress.

So the moral of the story is, don't get overly stressed about anything, or you might end up in the hosital. They said if I feel like that again, the only natural rememdy is to pace my breathing to 20 breaths a minute.

And I live another day, to continue down life's strange paths.


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